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International Digital Libraries
*Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg is the original free digital library of books no
longer in copyright. So you'll find a great many classic literary
texts here. The full Gutenberg collection now exceeds 5,000
books. The whole collection represents a monumental effort in
unpaid, unselfish, labour since 1971.
The Project Gutenberg philosophy is to make information,
books and other materials available to the general public in
forms a vast majority of computers, programs and people can
easily read, use, quote, and search.
Their books are usually in plain text (ASCII) format. However to
improve the online reading experience you can also use other
reader software (check out our Software Page).
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
A collection of public domain documents from American and
English literature as well as Western philosophy. You can
search for and display texts from the collection & also search
their content, & even create on-the-fly PDFs for offline reading or

Thousands of mainly French and Swiss-authored e-texts,
across a broad range of especially Literature, Science & the
Arts. In .html &. rtf versions. Also many links to famous works in
German, Dutch & English too. Prepared or linked for the Web by
the University of Geneva.
arXiv e-Prints
Includes e-Print "preprints" in physics, mathematics, nonlinear
sciences, and computer sciences. From Cornell University with
assistance from the National Science Foundation (USA), the
National Institute for Theoretical Physics (USA) and the
University of Adelaide (Australia). Formats include PDF,
PostScript, and DVI.
Offers more than 2,000 free classic texts, plus research works.
In HTML format, readable by your web browser.
The Encyclopedia of World History and The Harvard Classics
are among many free texts offered at this award-winning site.
Bibliotheca Augustana
A Latin e-library. Includes Bibliothecae Latina, Graeca, Anglica,
Gallica, Germanica, Hispanica, Italica, Iiddica, Lusitana,
Polonica et Russica.  Collectio textuum electronicorum. Hae
paginae proponent Musa adiuvante in lingua Latina - facta et
CELT (Corpus of Electronic Texts).
Irish literary, historical & cultural texts, in Irish, Latin,
Anglo-Norman French, and English. Presented in HTML, with a
searchable online database. An initiative of University College,
Cork, Re
Cognitive Sciences Eprint* Archive - Includes a wide variety of
papers in psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy,
biology, medicine, anthropology and computer science. Material
dates back as far as 1950, although most of it dates since
1990. Some areas of the archive require registration, to obtain a
username and password. *Eprints here are defined as the
digital texts of peer-reviewed research articles, before and after
refereeing. Before refereeing and publication, the draft is called
a "preprint." The refereed, published final draft is called a
"postprint." Eprints may include both preprints and postprints,
as well as any significant drafts in between, and any post
publication updates.
Complete Works of William Shakespeare
but minus his poetry at present. The plays can be read either as
a continuous text or by individual scenes.

New Cornell University Library Historical
Comprises 441 general monographs made available for online
viewing as TIFF images, for personal or research use only.
Languages include English, Dutch, French, German, Latin,
Portuguese & Spanish.
Digital Library for Earth System Education: DLESE
Over 5,000 searchable educational resources. Items are also
organized into themes or collections, broadly as environmental,
geographical, geological, oceanographical and other physical
sciences; space science and technology; policy and
educational issues and the philosophy of science. Resources
are not archived on site but in a variety of collaborating
collections. Funded by the National Science Foundation (USA).
The Digital Library of the Commons (DLC)
An archive of international literature on "the commons" (i.e. that
which is held in common or by a community).  Many useful
features for both readers and contributing authors. A full-text
Digital Library, a Working Paper Archive of author-submitted
papers, and links to relevant references are included. Thanks to
the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the International Association
for the Study of Common Property (IASCP) & the Indiana
University Graduate School. As Adobe PDF files.
Digital Library of Information Science and
Technology: dLIST
A repository of electronic resources in Library and Information
Science (LIS) and Information Technology (IT). Contains
published and unpublished papers, data sets instructional and
help materials, pathfinder , reports & bibliographies. So far in
English only. User registration required to access some areas.
Online Library Around a dozen authors ranging from Aesop to
Sun Tzu, with huge representation of Charles Dickens & Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle, plus a goodly measure of Jules Verne &
Mark Twain. In very clear HTML for online reading, this collection
has been sourced from Project Gutenberg and prepared with
special attention to the needs for visually impaired and older
readers. You can set the font size & colour, or background
colour, with just a click in the Settings panel.
The E Server
Bit of a mind flip might be an exaggeration, but there is certainly
nothing stodgy about this large & contemporary collection of
online intellectual texts & resources. Based at the University of
Elfwood is a huge, non-profit home to amateur Fantasy/Sci-Fi
literature and art, plus some How -To Guides. The site holds
over twenty thousand works of art & literature by over fifteen
hundred Science Fiction/Fantasy artists and writers.
Electronic Texts On The Internet
A useful links page with over eighty entries.

Primary historical documents from Western Europe. Selected
Transcriptions, Facsimiles and Translations.
Electronic Text Collections in Western European
Links site for literary texts in Western European languages
other than English. Languages include Catalan, Danish, Dutch,
Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Irish, Italian,
Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish & Swedish.
Great Books Index
From Aeschylus to Virginia Woolf - links to online works, in
English translation, by more than 130 classic authors. Please
check for any copyright restrictions (which may in a few cases
apply for other than reading online). A redoubtable effort from
Ken Roberts of Ontario, Canada.
Great Books and Classics
Provides free HTML online versions of many famous authors
from before 200 BC to the 20th Century. Linked with for commercial print offerings of the titles.
Internet Classics Archive
More than 440 mainly Greco-Roman texts, with some Chinese
and Persian. By 59 different authors. In English translation. For
online reading, some downloads available.
nternet Public Library
Over 20,000 free books available online. The Internet Public
Library's Mission Statement says: " The Internet Public Library
(IPL), is a public service organization and learning/teaching
environment at the University of Michigan School of Information.
The IPL Online Texts Collection contains over 20,000 titles that
can be browsed by author, by title, or by Dewey Decimal
Classification". For questions about the online texts collection,
or how to search, please see their help page.
Kurt Stüber's Online Library
Historic and modern biology books Large library of books on
biological subjects, many currently out of print and hard to
obtain. Mostly German authors, but luminaries such as Charles
Darwin are also present. In German, with some English and
French (a few works are old enough to be in Latin). Online in
text chapters or as individual scanned pages. Browse the
collection by author, title, category or publication date.
MIT OpenCourseWare
The first stage of an ambitious & generous plan to make all
Massachusetts Institute of Technology course materials
available on the Internet, for free download. Materials for 500
courses have been accessible since the end of September
2003. Materials are in English, but a number are also available
in Spanish & Portuguese. Presented in HTML. However
courses may include Adobe Acrobat PDF files, Java Applets,
Shockwave, Real Player, Java, and MATLAB files (software for
all of these may be downloaded from the site's Technical
Requirements page). This so far unique gift is made possible
by MIT with support from the William and Flora Hewlett &
Andrew W. Mellon Foundations.
Course list at
National Academy Press
Read over 3,000 National Academy science, engineering, and
health texts free online. You can also purchase print copies if
you wish. These e-books represent the cream of U.S. research
& policy opinion in these fields. Texts are presented in a
fully-searchable "Open Book" format, which also allows for
page browsing & internal links. Open Book" is HTML, &
moreover the format is prepared so that you can send people
an individual page reference as an URL. PDFs are also
available. The U.S. National Academy of Sciences provides this
Networked Digital Library of Theses and
Dissertations (NDLTD)
Links to digital theses/dissertations available in Australia,
Canada, many European nations, Hong Kong, Taiwan & the
Online Medieval and Classical Library
From The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle to Yvain, or The Knight With
the Lion, & including such works as: The Lay of the Cid, The
Song of Roland, the Nibelungenlied, Orlando Furioso, the High
History of the Holy Graal, many Icelandic sagas, some Chaucer
& much else besides. In HTML for reading online, or download
in PKZIP v.2.04g compressed format. Thanks to Douglas B.
Killings, Sun Systems & the University of California at Berkeley.
Oxford Text Archive
From Oxford University, this archive was founded in 1976.
High-quality, well-documented electronic texts for research and
teaching. More than 2,500 resources in over 25 different
languages. A premium academic resource. Public domain texts
are freely available from the on-line catalogue and may be
downloaded in a number of different formats. Some texts
require the user to obtain the written permission of the original
Pennsylvania State University Electronic Classics
Site: " The Labyrinth" PSU's e-books are presented as
.pdf files (Adobe's Portable Document Format). Read them with
the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Established in 1997, the site offers
many classical works of literature in English, plus original
works published by Penn. State Uni.
Perseus Project
A great classical digital library site, with Greek & Latin texts,
commentaries, an atlas, coin images, art, archaeology and
Project Libellus
The University of Washington, Seattle, provides this library of
Latin texts, readable in your web browser. In HTML & TeX (a
subset of ASCII). Thirteen classical Latin authors represented.
Project Madurai Tamil
Digital Library under preparation by voluntary effort. So far over
240 works in Tamil script are available, in TSCII (Tamil Script
Code for Information Interchange) format. Old Tamil classic
works predominate so far.
Project Runeberg
Project Runeberg publishes free electronic editions of old
Nordic literature on the Internet. Since 1992. More than 300
titles, mostly in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish & Icelandic.

Soil And Health Library
Free public library offering books on holistic agriculture, holistic
health, self-sufficient living, and personal development.
Find scientific or technical documents, published or
unpublished, in Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Materials
Sciences, Nanotechnologies, Microelectronics, Computer
Sciences, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Earth Sciences,
Meteorology, Oceanography Agriculture and related application
activities. SAIL enables searching over 70 institutional open
access archives around the world. NB: Downloading of
e-documents is possible only if it is permitted on the original
University of Virginia Electronic Text Center
More than 10,000 publicly accessible texts in thirteen
languages (& over 164,000 publicly available images). These
texts are available to web browsers, but in addition there are
2,000 + e-books available (in English) for MS Reader & Palm
Universal Library (under development)
"The principal benefit of the Universal Library will be to
supplement the formal education system by making knowledge
available to anyone who can read and has access." A project of
Carnegie Mellon University & the governments of China & India
- much of the scanning will be done in the latter two countries.
The million books project will have considerable content in
many Indian and Chinese languages, as well as English.
World eBook Library
Opportunities to read or download thousands of HTML books
online. Provides free, unlimited public access to a
comprehensive collection of public domain texts & references,
and links to thousand of on-line libraries around the world via
the World Wide Web and/or Telnet. For a small annual fee, also
offers access to over 60,000 PDF e-books and e-documents,
plus 7,000 mp3 audio books. From the World Electronic Text
Library Foundation, based in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Virtual Library
"The Virtual Library is the oldest catalog of the web, started by
Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of html and the Web itself. Unlike
commercial catalogs, it is run by a loose confederation of
volunteers, who compile pages of key links for particular areas
in which they are expert…" Fourteen primary categories to
check out, or use the search engine.