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African Digital Library
Addressing third world information imbalance by offering free
access to anyone living in Africa, this netLibrary-supported
initiative lives at:

African-American e-books E-books by and about
African-Americans. All presented in three formats, HTML, palm
(.pdb) and MS Reader (.lit).

Apache e-books  You can read these online in English, Apache,
or in parallel translation (for the latter two, download the
Apache/Navajo font provided onsite). Some tales have intriguing
titles, such as Coyote Misses Real Rabbit, The Woman Who Had
Horse Power and The Foolish People Acquire Coffee.

Arabic e-books
UAE Yearbook 2004 in Arabic, French & English. Also UAE: A
New Perspective. Download each chapter separately, in PDF.
Arabian Poetry Encyclopedia Mawsuat al-shir al-Arab; from
Egypt, Arabic Poems & Lyrics. Online in HTML.

Mega-links site for Arab literature & culture.

Argentinian literature Argentinian Digital Library Project -
Proyecto Biblioteca Digital Argentina. From Juan Bautista Alberdi
to Eduardo Wilde, more than seventy authors are represented
here across a wide range of literature in Spanish. Online in

Austrian Literature Online Scanned as images, a huge quantity
(more than twelve thousand items) of Austrian literature -even
including postcards - is available here online. Thanks to more
than twenty participating institutions. You may legally print them
out too -in fact they facilitate it.

Belarusian e-books at the Belarusian e-Library. Offers
Belarusian literature in Belarusian, plus some English, German
& other translations.

Free Bangla e-books Online writers' community Sacalayatan has
a few literary e-books in PDF versions to read online or
download. You will need to have the correct font enabled in your
Bengali Literature online Collection of Poems by the famed
Bengali writer & poet Rabindranath Tagore. In English as plain

Some helpful pages to understand the background of authors,
periods & movements in Bengali literature are available at:

Brasilian e-books More than sixty free titles from 26 authors,
including José de Alencar, Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis
and Afonso Henrique da Lima Barreto. All public domain books
or with author permission. Available as downloads for offline
reading - formats include Word, PDF, RTF and some Palm PDB.

Biblioteca Virtual do Estudante Brasileiro (de Lingua
. Brazilian stories, poetry novels and plays, plus
works translated into Portuguese. Select the Text (textos)
heading for three reading options: works prepared for Palm OS
devices; HTML text for your Web browser; or PDF downloads for
the Adobe Reader.

Brasilian Law e-books in Portuguese, plus the Constitution of
Brasil in English.

Bulgarian literature LiterNet - Bulgarian poetry and other literary
resources available here.

Burmese e-books A Collection of Burmese texts, usually as
PDFs for the Adobe Reader or in HTML for your Web browser.
Chinese e-books Supplied by the New Threads Chinese
Cultural Society, this electronic library is claimed to be the most
complete web archive available of Chinese classic texts.

Chinese Classics Pre-Qin philosophers, poetry, prose,
biography, novels, commentary & other classical literature.
Online in HTML for your Web browser.

A search engine that may be used to locate many
Chinese-language free books for adults plus for children comics,
cartoons & education themes. These text may be read by
installing eREAD's free proprietary software (file format STK),
which includes many extra "community" features. Courtesy of
Taiwan & China-based eREAD Technologies Co. Ltd

Colombian e-books More than a dozen free Colombian e-books
are available in Spanish from this site. Historical & literary topics
predominate. Formatted for the Adobe Reader.

Croatian e-books
Classics of Croatian Literature. Major Croatian works up to the
beginning of the 20th century, variously as online text, RTF or
PDF files.

Some free works by contemporary Croatian writers, to read
Danish Literature
Archiv for Dansk Litteratur  Seventy or so traditional Danish
authors are represented here, ranging from the children's tales
of Hans Christian Andersen to the weighty prose of Søren
Kierkegaard.Available in three formats; as scanned facsimiles,
plain text, or downloadable files (XSQL) for offline use.

Dutch Literature
Digitale bibliotheek voor de Nederlansde letteren   Many
hundreds of out-of copyright Dutch authors are represented here
in original format, some illustrated. Check out the enchantment &
wonderful pictures of Baron van Hippelepip (1917) as a
children's classic, for example.

Esperanto e-books eLibrejo. Over 270 books (both original and
translated) in Esperanto. For downloading in .pdf format. (Use
the Adobe Reader software). Subjects include fiction, poetry,
theatre, religion, classic & historic works, children's literature.

Farsi e-books Non-fiction online in HTML across a range of
There is also a Farsi books Yahoo group at

French e-books
Bibliothèque nationale de France (National Library of France).
"Sur les 30 millions de pages du fonds numérisé des imprimés
de la Bibliothèque nationale de France, dont un peu plus du tiers
relève du XIXe siècle, Gallica permet dès à présent d'accéder à
quelques 2500 ouvrages numérisés en mode image, complétés
par UN extrait de la base " Frantext " du CNRS qui permet la
consultation de plus de 250 volumes saisis en mode texte."
ibliothèque Universelle (ABU). L'accès libre au texte intégral
d'oeuvres du domaine public francophone sur Internet depuis

Bibliopolis. La bibliothèque des lettres : plus de 2000 œuvres
(sciences humaines et littérature) en texte intégral sont
consultables. Grâce au logiciel Trevi, vous pourrez effectuer
toutes les recherches possibles sur les auteurs, les ,,, (NB: This
is now a passworded site).

Social sciences: many classic and contemporary
Francophone social sciences
books. In Word, PDF and RTF
formats. As of February 2007 the collection offers 2431 original
works from 782 differentauthors . Thanks to sociology professor
Jean-Marie Tremblay, the University of Québec at Chicoutimi, &
the Toulouse Academy of France.

German e-books
This free page of a German e-book store offers a few titles,
mostly as PDF files.

ngiyaw eBooks. A blast from the past - hard to find German
works and authors are featured here, especially by and/or about
women. Some classic English and Hungarian books also.
Formats available are Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), mobiPocket Reader (.
prc), MSReader (.lit) and sometimes TomeRaider (.tr),plus HTML
for your Web browser. Thanks to "Katalin und Peter".     (WAPsite http://wap.ngiyaw-

Hausa e-books In Hausa and English, from the pen of the late
Alhaji Abubakar Imam.
NB: These are very large PDF files for the Adobe reader, more
suitable for Broadband than dialup.
Hebrew e-books  Project Ben-Yehuda aims to make the public
domain classics of
Hebrew literature freely accessible to Hebrew readers, as
searchable HTML works. Note the browser requirements
indicated in the FAQ.

Hungarian e-books Large list of free Magyar elektronikus
könyvtárak (Hungarian e-libraries) available at:

Indian e-books  Inaugurated by President of India Dr. A.P.J Abdul
Kalam in late 2003, the Digital Library of India now has more
than 29,000 books on the Web. It aims to eventually create a
free-to-read, searchable online collection of one million books,
predominantly in Indian languages, available to everyone over
the Internet.

Hindi Poets Nicely presented online & illustrated, in HTML. Some
plain text & a little audio also. NB: to read some poetry you will
need to have Hindi fonts installed
Italian e-books

. Free Italian intellectual e-books. Across the
art-science connection come these exceptional titles. Studies
include fractal structures in biology, maths and arts;
human-machine interfaces; transistor nanoelectronics; art &
mixed media, & more. Note the fine graphics too. As .pdf files for
your Adobe Reader, or similar software.

Antologia della Letteratura Italiana. Novels, poetry, plays & other
texts, both classic & contemporary. In HTML, for reading online.
Includes some Dante, Boccaccio, St Francis of Assisi,
Alessandro Manzoni and Enrico Maria Ferrari. An initiative of
Riccardo Scateni.

e-books in Italian. Yes, cost is null, zero, niente. Genres include
novels, poetry, classics, plays, biographies, horror & fantasy, &
New Economy. In MS Reader format only.

Libri Online Pelagus. Italian classical authors online. Works and
biographies of twenty-one authors from Alberti to Verga,
including Dante, Boccaccio, Machiavelli and Manzoni.  In HTML
for your web browser.

The Manuzio Project, a free Italian online book site. Covering
fields from Arte e architettura to viaggiare, including letteratura
fantastica, poesia, teatro, and much more.

Ozoz.  Classic texts in Italian, English and Latin. Available as
HTML (versione ipertestuale); RTF (ideale per la stampa dei
libri); TXT (puro testo): & for download zipped.
Japanese e-books

Aozora Bunko
. More than 2000 works of copyright-free Japanese
literature. Various formats available, including HTML, download
zips and Japanese e-book format.

Ogura Hyakunin Isshu An anthology of 100 seventh to thirteenth
century classic Japanese poems by 100 different poets, all
"waka" ("tanka"), five-line poems of 31 syllables. Available in
HTML side by side in Japanese characters, Romaji and English

Korean e-books
Digital Han'gukhak. From the Academy of Korean Studies.

Kim Mun-gi's Classical Korean literature site.

Myanmar (Burmese) e-book
Myanmar Travel Information 2005 eBook (Myanmar is also
known as Burma). Free Innwa Myanmar Font (for Windows) also
available from this page.
Polish e-books
Polish literature online, thanks to the University of Gdansk.

Polska Biblioteka Internetowa. Includes classic Polish literature
among its collections, and Polish translations of famous works
from other nations. In HTML.

Portuguese e-books
Virtual Books. PDF downloads of titles from a goodly range of

Projecto Vercial has a few free books, for downloading as PDFs.

Romanian literature e-books
Essays, Poetry, Dramas, Translations, Art
Russian e-books

Electronic Publications Library
. Works from Chekov, Gogol,
Pushkin, Tolstoy and other famous Russian authors. For
Reading online in HTML. All in Russian.

Moshkov's Library. Hundreds of free e-books.

Books in Russian formatted for Palm OS devices in .prc format.

Russian electronic environmental library.

Russian SciFi & Fantasy books available online here, in both
Russian & English. Pioneering site, since 1996.
Sanskrit e-books The Puranas (64), and Sanskrit Proverbs, are
available as downloadable
MS Word documents from this site. The Purana file is zipped.

Scottish and Glaswegian e-books From the Glasgow Digital
Library (GDL)
. Currently five books each about Scotland and
Glasgow, available online in plain text at:

Dictionary of the Scots Language Comprises searchable
electronic editions of the two major historical dictionaries of the
Scots language: the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue
(DOST -covers Scots words in use from the twelfth to the end of
the seventeenth centuries) and the Scottish National Dictionary
(SND - for the period since).

Serbian e-books Projekat Rastko. Biblioteka srpske kulture. The
most popular e-library in Serbia and Montenegro. In addition,
some Serbian literature is offered in other languages including
English, German, French, Spanish, Romanian, Slovenian,
Russian, & Ukrainian.

Slovenian e-books Slovenian texts - copyright-free classic
Slovenian literature, with a few
authorised modern items. Available to read online.
Spanish e-books
Free literary unpublished texts, especially in Spanish and

Selecció de Poesia Catalana (Catalan Poetry Selection). 176
authors and 799 original poems are available here (with 37
poems translated into English). Colourfully presented online in

Cuantolibro (=What a lot of books) This recent Spanish language
site gives you web addresses to download over fifty thousand
e-books; & is searchable by author, title, or subject. Genres
include Art, Languages, Literature, Medicine, Mysticism &
esoteric, Psychology, Philosophy, Science, Social Studies,
Religion and more. Formats include pdf, and as zipped files.
Swedish e-books
eBoklagret Omnibus
. More than 480 works from 60 Swedish
authors, as PDF downloads.

Turkish e-books
Türk Öyküleri Sandigi.
From Texas Tech University, popular
Turkish tales and other literature, in both Turkish and English
versions. Download as PDFs for the Adobe Reader 5.0 or above.
NB: for reading, study, or citation only.

Contemporary Turkish Literature Translated into English,
these are extracts from a score of novels, more plays, dozens of
short stories and various other literary forms. Represented here
online with appealing illustrations, this site is an excellent place
to begin an appreciation of modern Turkish writing. Thanks to
Professor Suat Karantay of Bogazici University.

Sufism & Science. MS Reader format.
(English versions also available at,
with German to come).
Ukrainian e-books  The Electronic Library of Ukrainian Literature.
Classic texts of Ukrainian prose. Available in both HTML and PDF
formats.Thanks to Prof. Maxim Tarnawsky at the University of
Toronto, Canada, various Ukrainian publishers and other

USA e-books. USA Today's Open Book program. Presented as a
separate section on the newspaper's website, Open Book runs
original stories from well-known novelists and offers them free to
all visitors.

Urdu e-books Awaz Sayeed's short stories. From the noted
author, online in HTML.

Hamid Syed's Urdu Poetry Page Includes a Urdu dictionary and
other resources. In HTML with some zipped files available for
downloads. For some materials you will need Urdu font
(available from
Dictionary of the Welsh Language (subject to further
corrections) The First edition is available as large PDF files,
suitable for broadband download. You may search this on your
own computer using Adobe Reader 5 and above. It is hoped that
a concise interactive version of the Dictionary will soon be
available on the Web. NB: A second edition is a work in progress.

Welsh e-books Llyfrgell Owen - a Library of Welsh Language
Texts. Works are presented In plain text format. This fledging site
lacks funding and welcomes volunteers to enlarge it. Apêl yw
hon felly am gydweithwyr, cyfranogwyr a chyfranwyr.

Refoyl's Yiddish resources Veb-bletl (Yiddish & Hebrew Texts).
More than fifty Yiddish texts from around the world variously in
HTML, plain text, as PDFs or as image GIFs. Includes a
searchable Yiddish dictionary and even a song database, plus
numerous other Yiddish resources
World Languages - Regional and National