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Alchemy e-books The text is plain, but an amazing array of
illustrations on this unusual site more than compensate. Most
works are in English, but six other languages are also
represented. A huge site, from alchemy authority Adam McLean.
(Alchemy was a mystical proto-science based on philosophical
longings. The truly scientific parts of alchemy are represented in
modern day chemistry).
American Indian tales - Coyote Stories/Poems  Native American
stories from the American Indian Heritage Foundation, online in

Earthbound - Stories from a Ghost Town  Authentic period tales
from Jerome, Arizona. A real treat, online in HTML, with great
historical pictures.
(Read about the fascinating story of Jerome itself at http://www.jer

Books for Phones & iPods
Freebooks for phones
This text-to-phone site enables you to progressively download
free classic literature (Poe, Verne, H.G. Wells, Conan Doyle,
Brothers Grimm and many others) to your mobile phone (Am.
=cell phone). You can also rotate the text to read in a more useful
"landscape" format if desired. Moreover you can even request
most of the books from Project Gutenberg.
Hundreds of classic books to read on your mobile/cell phone.
Most in the public domain, some with Creative Commons
licences. Please consult the FAQ & Getting It Into Your Phone
sections on how to use, & also check the terms and Conditions
of Use.
Ebookhood This website allows you to convert texts, documents
and webpages to the iPod Notes format, or to plain text, and
share them. You can then read them on the iPod, mobile (cell)
phones or other devices. An associated community has already
converted hundreds of titles, an eclectic assortment viewable by
author, title and language.
British Women Romantic Poets
Project E-text editions of poetry by British and Irish women written
(not necessarily published) between 1789 and 1832, a period
traditionally known in English literary history as the Romantic
period. A digital initiative of the University of California, Davis,
from the Shields Library. Available in HTML & SGML.
Chemistry This useful site from Alexander Ragoisha of
Byelorussia offers free Full-Text Journals in Chemistry. Most are
English language, with a section in Russian. Usually in HTML
and/or PDF.
Children's/Young Adult Books
A variety of famous classic titles.

Free daily comic strips with back archives. Related goodies for
sale. They have Ginger Meggs!
Lots of e-freebies from DC.

Children's Books Online: the Rosetta Project Children's
illustrated literature.
Hundreds of children's books online.
Because of the high picture content each page is presented as a
separate image file (jpeg), or the whole book may be
downloaded as a compressed (zip) file to read offline. In English,
with some translated variously into Chinese, Farsi, Finnish,
French, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Maori, Polish,
Romanian or Swedish.
Linux-related e-Books A comprehensive list of free Linux related
e-books, available from multiple sources. List originally compiled
by the legendary "pavs". Invaluable for Linux fans.
Dan Preston's Infoheaven site offers his e-book "How To Buy
The Perfect Computer" free. For those who join his mailing list or
purchase books, other free items are available.
Windows Security e-books. These individual chapters or entire
books are dowloadable in .pdf format. You need to register to
access them.
Computer programming e-books, on a large range of topics
including Abap, Java, Linux, Php, Oracle & In.pdf format.
Note that you need to join the site, establish an account & supply
personal details before downloading titles.
Useful Internet & Computer Tips - Volume 1 - Revised. 250
useful tips and definitions, in PDF (Portable Document Format).  
A 1.08 MB book for the Adobe Reader. Especially handy for
beginners or to check out that odd mysterious term.
Microsoft Technical books. Courtesy of Microsoft Press to
publicise Visual Studio 2008 & .NET 3.5, three introductory books
on Microsoft LINQ, Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX and Microsoft
Silverlight 1.0 are available here free for download, in PDF format.

The USENET Cookbook Main dishes, appetizers & snacks,
bread/pasta, beverages, cookies or cakes, sauces, salads,
soups, deserts, vegetable dishes etc. Vegetarian alternatives
offered. Permission to copy without fee all or part of this material
is granted provided that the copies are not made or distributed
for direct commercial advantage. Copying is by permission of the
USENET Community Trust or the original contributor. {Copyright
(c) 1987 USENET Community Trust}.
Recipies at : Be prepared for
vegetarian bias in meat eaters recipies.
Or take a look at this helpful foodies page:
Tripp Central  Karen & Trevor provide a smorgasbrod of food-
related links. An amazing food heaven. From Amish recipies &
ancient Roman Dishes to Young Robert's Cajun Food, it's all
here. A number of free samples are available from
this commercial site, as pdfs for Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Farmer Dave's free lamb recipes Farmer Dave is a real
Queensland outback farmer - and past Australian Big Brother
contestant (2006). His website includes a cosmopolitan array of
recipes. Click on the "Cooking Lamb" tab to access (despite the
tab name, they include desserts and non-lamb items). His
Mum's ones are terrific too.
Current Affairs
From prolific writer Shmuel (Sam) Vaknin: lively, controversial
musings on issues in economics, politics, the Balkans,
international affairs, history, psychology and more. Download as
MS Word, RTF or PDF files.

Digital Issues
"Get Digitized" e-book  Clueless about all things digital?  I
mean, absolutely no idea, really? Or just unsure about one or two
devices or applications?  This 40 page illustrated primer will give
you the basic lowdown on everything from computers and PDA's
to WiFi, BlueTooth and that mysterious acronym VoIP. This e-
book is a large (2.2 megabyte) PDF, a file format suitable for
downloading to read offline at your leisure with the Adobe
(Acrobat) Reader software. Broadband recommended!

Digital Signal Processing Library  A useful select library for
those interested in electronics, Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
projects, mathematics for programmers and related topics. It
links to titles that are free to download or read online. Some in
PDF format, or zipped, others in HTML for your Web browser.
Most books are available in individual chapters. Thanks to Refik
Hadzialic of Bosnia-Herzegovina. NB: strictly for private use and
study. Please respect the generosity of these authors.
E-book publishing This fledgling e-publisher/bookstore also
offers some free inspirational/New Age titles, free covers for e-
authors & a free e-book on drawing. In PDF at:

The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and
"groups 30 member countries sharing a
commitment to democratic government and the market
economy", and doesextensive economic and social research.
You can get some summary information from OECD
publications free here (or pay for full texts as .pdf downloads, or
order print copies from their bookshop).
Electronics A free technical library and professional community for
electrical and electronics engineers. Contains over 5,600
documents in a variety of forms. Qualified contributions welcome.
Resource areas include aerospace, analogue and digital
design, biomedical technology, computer engineering,
consumer electronics, digital signal processing, dsp, electric
power, microprocessors, nanotechnology, magnetic & electro
physics, jobs, meeting, business, research and development,
semiconductors, telecommunication, vlsi. In PDF & PostScript.
Members need to register, but visitors are also welcomed.
English language reference

English dictionary. Over 320,000 references & still growing, with
both US and British spellings. On this minimalist (no frills)
website you can look up words alphabetically or by search. From
Mike Harding.
English to American Dictionary. Prepared by a Scot who has
spent some time in the USA, this fine work helps puzzled English
speaking people understand American expressions better .
Etymology. The Online Etymology Dictionary. In HTML. This
valuable, attractively presented resource is from historian and
author Douglas Harper.

English literature and Classics
BookGlutton A "social reading" website with unique features, like
contextual chat. Registration required. You can select a book or
join a group reading a particular title (there are over 300 mostly
classic titles available). For online reading only, in HTML. Smaller
screen sizes may experience difficulties.
Elibron Over one thousand titles online in plain text, in English
and nineteen other European languages. Also versions for
PC/Mac or for Palm, Visor & PocketPC. Free, with paperback and
other versions also available for purchase.
Indbazzar  More than twenty categories of books here, from
autobiographies to westerns and including children's' books. A
family resource. To either read online or download as zipped
Indbazzar  More than twenty categories of books here, from
autobiographies to westerns and including children's' books. A
family resource. To either read online or download as zipped
Literature Post  A collection of 825 classic books, plays, stories
and poems for online reading. Over seventy authors are
represented. In plain text.
Virtual Imprint A select catalogue of free original and classic
fiction. Available for download in MS Reader, Adobe Reader (
PDF), or to read online in your Web browser (in their Virtual
Imprint WebBook format - a simple but bookmarkable double
page layout. IE 5+ recommended). Their home page also offers
an array of purchasable services for bibliophiles.
A number of famous Irish literary works available free to
download as text or RTF files, also some HTML short stories to
read online. Yes, all of the following famous "English" authors
were actually Irish - George Bernard Shaw, Bram Stoker (author
of Dracula), Jonathan Swift, J.M.Synge, Oscar Wilde.
Brennan Emerson's short stories, philosophy, and some poetry
as the title King Marcine. Available as a free download, or
purchase a print copy, at:
The Literary Encyclopedia  More than a thousand scholars have
contributed to this huge
Web reference work, focused on literature in English. With nearly
three thousand entries, and well over 5million words, there's any
amount to learn here about writers, literary works and literary
topics, plus numerous links to more. And they throw in a bit of a
Books-in-print too!
Online Botanical Illustrations
 For plant & garden lovers and
home craft enthusiasts. This lavishly illustrated short book also
contains a wealth of supporting hyperlinks. It's a 1.1 MB PDF file.

General Reference Provides a free encyclopedia (Columbia Electronic
Encyclopedia, from the Columbia University Press) & gazetteer,
medical encyclopedia & other valuable reference resources.
Thousands of articles available here in HTML, with useful links to
related topics.
Dictionaries of 14 languages - English, Chinese, French,
German, Greek, Hebrew,Italian, Japanese, Latin, Polish,
Russian, Spanish, Turkish &Vietnamese. Also specialised
dictionaries including Computers, Law, Science.
Free Health tip e-books. Topics of these useful mini-books
include Acne, ADD/ADHD, addictions,Low-carb dieting, Nutrition
and Safe Tanning,. In PDF format for the Adobe Reader.

Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe
How have the states of Europe changed from century to century
in the last two millenniums? Check it out in the 21 maps of this
atlas. Some interesting Roman features too.
Free history and philosophy audio books, in mp3 format.
Broaden your horizons on your ipod or other Mp3 player These
range from Plato to Karl Marx, with an emphasis on works by or
on famous American figures from yesteryear. The site name
comes from Benjamin Franklin's literary club, called The Junto.
nternet Marketing
Sally's ebooks has free Internet marketing e-books, plus a few
sweeteners (literally so, e.g. chocolate, ice-cream & pudding
recipes). Presented as zipped files for downloading and reading

Physical Fitness and Exercise
Classic fitness and weight training e-Books  Learn how the
original bodybuilding masters trained. Includes Eugen Sandow's
"Sandow on Physical Training," Sandow's "Strength and How To
Obtain It," and Edwin Checkley's "A Natural Method of Physical
Training." As PDF downloads, with useful HTML introductions
online. Available under a Creative Commons 3.0 US Licence.

Personal Motivation/Inspiration
The 7 Keys to Success. Inspirational text, as a .pdf file for online
or offline reading. From Will Edwards of White Dove Books.
The Electronic Library of Mathematics contains free online
journals, article collections, and monographs in the field of
mathematics. View on-line or download as .pdfs for offline use.

MathWorld. A comprehensive and interactive mathematics
encyclopedia intended for students, educators, maths
enthusiasts and researchers. Claimed to be the Web's most
complete maths resource.

"Pseudocolor in Pure and Applied Mathematics", a free on-line
e-book in progress with source code by Douglas C. Youvan. In
HTML for your Web browser.

Mathematics e-books, free under restricted licence. Please read
the terms and conditions carefully. Free to students using these
books for their own study, or for teachers under certain
limitedcircumstances (payment required otherwise). Titles
include Basic Concepts of Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis I,
& An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers. As PDFs.
Medical Dictionary Online. "A free online medical dictionary
search engine for definitions of medical terminology,
pharmaceutical drugs, healthcare equipment, health conditions,
medical devices, specialty terms and medical abbreviations."
Note that definitions are brief, and should only be considered as
a launching pad for further research. A handy resource, but self-
diagnosers should note the disclaimer.

Medical Encyclopedia An online medical and health
encyclopedia containing information on over 1,500 topics,
including conditions, diseases, injuries, nutrition, surgeries,
symptoms, tests and special topics. Use alphabetically or
through the search function. The site also features significant
current news stories and a variety of other resources.
National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
.  A collection of searchable biomedical books for the
Web. Illustrated, in HTML. Medical issues covered include
asthma, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, & retroviruses.
There are also more general works on topics including the Cell,
Developmental Biology, Glycobiology, Genes and Disease,
Immunobiology and Neurochemistry.
Freebooks for doctors
Site dedicated to the promotion of free access to medical books
over the Internet. 550+ books to read online in English, French,
German & Spanish, plus a few titles in Catalan, Italian,
Portuguese, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian & Turkish.
Handhelds for Doctors. Read the text free. A paperback version
is also available for purchase.
Military History
Richard Jensen offers a large page oflinks to a wide variety of
resources in this subject area, from ancient times to present day.
Jensen is an American scholar (retired Professor of History)

Nostradamus novel: The Greatest Sinner Ever by Eric Mellema.
Has interesting insights into the momentous 16th century.  In
English, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish, either as a PDF file
or online in HTML.

Personal Finances
Debt Management
A debt management company provides free downloads on some
debt and credit related topics. More may follow.  In PDF format for
the Adobe Reader.
e-Booklets about Pets A range of mammals, reptiles, fish and
birds are covered in these free illustrated short booklets,
courtesy of a Houston, Texas online " pet superstore". A boon for
beginners. Download in PDF format for the Adobe Reader.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Alphabetical and
searchable. A voluntary academic effort.

Rare Books
Forgotten Books This is a 'combination" website that links to free
online copies of books scanned for Google, and includes an
URL to buy a "Forgotten Books" physical copy from
if desired. Nearly 1,500 rarer books were represented by mid
2008. Genres include classical fiction, philosophy, science,
religion, folklore, mythology and sacred texts, plus esoteric
subjects such as the occult, freemasonry, alchemy, hermetic and
ancient knowledge.
Research provides direct links to over 7000 scholarly
periodicals which allow some or all of their online content to be
viewed by anyone for free (though some may require free

Radio Frequency e-Books For the technically savvy, this helpful
site provides mostly PDF (Adobe Reader) downloads. Topics
include RF Fundamentals, Electromagnetism, Antenna
fundamentals & design, Modulation, Spectral & Signal analysis,
RF measurement and filters, Amplifier design, Mixers, Oscillators
and more.

The Public Library of Science is provided by "a non-profit
organization of scientists and physicians committed to making
the world's scientific and medical literature a freely available
public resource". PLoS will publish its own journals. So far there
is PLoS Biology (a monthly, launched October 2003, both online
and in print). PLoS Medicine is to follow during 2004. Formats
used are HTML & PDF.
E-Library of Science Mathematics e-books plus a few
philosophy, physics and other titles. In pdf format (use the Adobe

Technical Books
Technical Reports Online
"The Virtual Technical Reports Center". Links to technical
reports, preprints, reprints, dissertations, theses, and research
reports of all kinds, as either full-text reports or searchable
extended abstracts
Free tech books Reviews of & links to author/publisher sites
offering online computer science/engineering/programming &
mathematics books, textbooks and lecture notes. Please note
terms and conditions on each site...
Science Fiction/Fantasy, & Horror
Doctor Who e-books. Never screened, these Seventh Doctor
stories from1992-1997 are a rare treasure from the friendly folk
at the BBC. Online, by page in SHTML, or in plain text chapters if
you wish to print them out.
Online since August 1997, UK-based Infinity Plus publishes
some original fiction, but mostly republishes those short stories
& other shorter works you're always trying to find again. With extra
input from many writers that you may not see anywhere else. As
such, this wonderful archive is a boon to devotees. Online in
HTML, or you can save them ('Save as...') to read off-line.
However please remember they remain copyright for all
purposes other than simple reading.
SF/Fantasy e-books & assistance for the physically impaired.
ReadAssist is an organization of Science Fiction and Fantasy
fans with an easy-to-use site streamlined to assist those with
physical disabilities. They provide links to sources of both free
and purchasable written and audio e-books, in those genres.
Further links are to software & hardware of use to those with
impaired mobility or vision.
Gormglaith, by Heidi Wyss. 76,000 words of radical feminist
separatist literature set in what is claimed to be a scientifically
plausible future. Aesthetically presented for online reading.
Godspawn, by A. Zoic. A prophetic title with a human clone hero.
Written at sunny Balmoral Beach in Sydney, & available in no
less than 11 formats. Worth visiting the site for the impressive
audio-visual opening alone (Active X controls must be enabled -if
you get a blank site, check your browser settings).
Grotesque, A Gothic Epic, by Graven. An intense, illustrated
Gothic novel about religion and the Black Death. With animated
sound effects, online in HTML plus. Excellently presented, but
with its gruesome theme not for the faint-hearted.
Maggots of Heresy. Fantasy set in an alternate universe, where
in medieval Baghdad the women rule and have multiple
husbands. There's something to amuse or offend everyone, and
possibly provoke some thought, in this new novel by Australian
Michael Fridman. As a .pdf download.
Encyclopedia of Television. Includes more than 1,000 essays
examining programmes, people, historic moments and trends,
disputes, scandals and much else in the saga of the small
screen. Also contains histories of major TV networks and
broadcasting systems around the world, plus resource
materials, photos and bibliographical information.

Universal Currency Converter. (Previous e-book version not
currently available).

IIT - Information Interactive Technology This Netherlands-
based site offers some classic e -books include Wodehouse
humour, Sherlock Holmes and a serious essay About Violence
and Democracy. There are also mini travel guides for all
European countries. In PDF, use the Adobe Reader. Patience
may be required; this site is slow to download for modem users.
U.S. Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, all
Amendments, the Monroe Doctrine, the Emancipation
Proclamation & the Gettysburg Address.
Fully indexed.
Available free as a downloadable zip file (requires a zip utility to
decompress). Download the (40kb) under the sub-
heading Freedom documents, from R.E. Harvey, at:

U.S. Rightwing Christian Fundamentalism The Institute for
Christian Economics is a Texas-based, U.S. Christian
fundamentalist site. Many "bible-based" religious & social titles
are offered, plus a substantial foray into conservative and pro-
free market economics & politics. Books are available in HTML
or the DjVu compressed file format. The site authors
recommend the latter, which they claim is superior to & less
memory-hungry than PDF for representing original works. A free
DjVu reader may be downloaded from the site.
Website Development Rick Rouse provides several free e-books, downloadable as zip files, for webmasters. They include How
To Get Thousands Of Links To Your Website and How To Triple Your Website Traffic Every 90 Days under the heading Webmaster
Freebies. Also some useful software for webmasters.

William Blake Archive Literary and visual works by William Blake and his circle. Includes fully searchable and scalable electronic
editions of all of Blake's 19 illuminated works. In HTML & SGML. With Biography, Glossary, and Chronology. Sponsored by the U.S.
Library of Congress, with some high-powered support.