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Adelaide University Electronic Texts Collection
This growing collection of e-texts - currently more than 700 - includes classic works of Literature, Philosophy, Science,
and Medicine. Their own web editions, in HTML.

ANU E-Print Repository
From the Australian National University in Canberra, ACT (Australian Capital Territory). Holding over 43,000 items as of
January 2007. Material from 1967 on, mostly, is included. User registration (there is no charge) is required for some
parts of the site.
Looking for ANU PhD theses? Go to:

Australian e-Humanities Gateway
An initiative of the Australian e-Humanities Network, a group funded by the Australian Research Council.The network
includes representatives from the Australian Academy of the Humanities, the University of Sydney and the University of
Newcastle. A portal for digital resources in humanities disciplines in Australia.

Cochrane Library
Contains helpful, authoritative information on the effectiveness of different health care treatments and interventions. This
scientific medical site has limited free access for Australians through a national subscription, and may be readily
accessed by anyone surfing the Web from the 'au" domain. A good place to start your research.

Curtin University of Technology Institutional Repository
espace@Curtin provides access to research produced by Curtin University of Technology staff and postgraduate
students. More than 900 items were available as at January 2007 covering material from 1978 onwards.

eprints unimelb
The University of Melbourne eprint collection. More than 1,500 items available.The oldest item dates back to 1945. In
order to access some areas of the archive, you'll need a user registration (no charge).

eprints @UQ
The University of Queensland's digital repository. Set up in 2002, it covers material created since 1983, although most
dates from 1998 on.  Includes e-books, e-chapters, online journals, various articles, working papers, conference papers
and proceedings, posters, miscellaneous research output, and pre-publication (draft) material. OAI-compliant, the
repository includes research output of UQ academic staff and postgraduate students, both before and after
peer-reviewed publication. Formats used are HTML, ASCII text, PDF & Postscript.

Monash University ePrint Repository
The Monash University ePrint Repository showcases and archives quality research output of Monash University staff.
This site has been under redevelopment.

OZLIT Electronic Texts
Not a library as such, rather an Australian portal to an array of free e-book resources. Includes a limited number of
Australian e-texts. Courtesy of the leading state portal VicNet.

Project Gutenberg of Australia
produces books in electronic form and makes them freely available to the public in accordance with Australian copyright
law. NB: Under Australian copyright law, literary, dramatic, & musical work published, performed, communicated, or
recorded and offered for sale in an author's lifetime are protected for the life of the author plus fifty years from the end of
the year of the author's death. After this time they enter into the public domain. Some e-books available here may still be
under copyright in the United States (where local laws have several times extended copyright to levels not accepted
within Australian jurisdiction). Such works are therefore not available from the US site of Project Gutenberg.

QUT ePrints
An institutional archive of research papers produced at Queensland University of Technology by QUT staff and
postgraduate students. Items now deposited span from 1984 to date, and this fast-growing new collection already
offers over a thousand of them. Since 2004 it has been QUT policy that publicly available research and scholarly output
of the University should be deposited here.

SETIS (The Scholarly Electronic Text and Image Service at the University of Sydney Library) Regarded as
the leading University digital collection in Australia. Plans are under way to further enlarge the size & scope of SETIS.
Includes also the University of Sydney digital theses collection (currently around two hundred theses available).
NB: While you may access many texts from the Web, a large number are commercially licensed and available only to
users at the University of Sydney.

The University of Tasmania ePrint Repository. Research materials covering as far back as 1968 have now been
deposited here. There were approaching 2 thousand items by January 2007.
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