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Established in 2007 in Managua, Nicaragua one main purpose of the
Center is to conduct research into world issues and development
relating to the advancement of education globally.  This can include
analysis of advanced technologies for distance learning, compiling
open source materials for the
Daley Open Library, exploring
grant/fundraising options, and the uses of art and other mediums for
education and personal growth.  

In addition, and perhaps the central thrust of the Center is a teaching
component, directed towards conducting classes and showcasing
international/local artists and handicrafts.  While not limited to art only,
this involves various creative mediums, handicrafts, languages,
computers and much more, depending on the interests of our
audience and staff.  The underlying aim is to help children and adults
who do not have such opportunities so as to enlighten them to a wide
range of subjects.  We work with artists both domestically and abroad,
local children’s organizations, as well as street youth we encounter.